Waterstone Wanderings With Wings On The Way

[“Never underestimate the power of alliteration, my friend.”

-Paris Gellar, Gilmore Girls] 😀


So my second library session started similarly to my first. Was up bright and early and arrived at CPL at 9:30.  I wasn’t in the door for a few minutes though before learning we were heading on a field trip! (Yay, another one so soon!)


Kevin and I wandered on over to Waterstone’s, poking around the children’s section on the prowl for  new inventory. It was fun going back  reminiscing over titles I haven’t looked at since my elementary school days. Shortly thereafter we returned to the library where I was put on desk duty. But since I’ve become an old pro at checkout  they promoted me to filing and alphabetizing, a welcome change of pace. I went through a humongous stack of index cards and put them in name order. (I realized Davies is a very popular surname in these parts). After a few tea breaks I sorted through some more DVD’s and CD’s. I’ve gotten to know the staff a bit better in the coffee room and have a feeling I’ll be getting along with them well in the coming weeks. Also Kevin gave me a sneak preview of what’s to come next time I go to the library…here’s a hint, they have wings!


About LittleMissAbroad

This is a blog detailing my internship and experience while studying abroad. First posted to Blackboard, now posted here.
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