Through Spring Breaking It

Today Kevin was back at work, and I was officially back from spring break in London. I had a wonderful time visiting with my mother and brother but was happy to be back, with the comfort of Internet and no more tour guide duties. However I knew I had some catchup to do regarding my hours. Unfortunately while on break I missed the farm animal session and wasn’t able to get a picture with a rabbit or a baby sheep, which would’ve been a very fun way to fill my requirement but hey, books can be fun too.

I wasn’t put on desk duty but rather accompanied Kevin to the storage building near his office. I was gluing on labels, covering books, and even went on the computer to learn the accurate distance to different drop off points for books for different schools. Showing Kevin the wonders of Google maps left me feeling a little accomplished.
Afterwards I was told to sort out books for said schools according to an inventory chart listing the book title and which school had reserved it. Easier said than done,having had to go through four large boxes of books to locate each one on the inventory. There was no easier way but to go through each book in each box. However I managed and then before I knew it it was time for lunch! I went to my usual haunt Wetherspoons because of it being so close. Though after going there twice while in London most would assume I’d be a little tired of it. Luckily the food came quick and after being in the musty storage area I had worked up an appetite and needed some food and fresh air.
When the time came to go back I was told we’d be going on a clinic/Bookstart run. It took awhile as we had a lot of clinics to drop off books at but it let me see parts of Wales I doubt I’d discover otherwise. And though the ride was quiet the scenery was beautiful, enough to make it worth it. After a little over an hour on the road and a quick stop for gas, Kevin surprised me by driving me all the way back to campus. No long walk back for me today! 🙂


About LittleMissAbroad

This is a blog detailing my internship and experience while studying abroad. First posted to Blackboard, now posted here.
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