Man With A Bongo, Baby With A Bell

So after the tedious book covering/envelope gluing from my prior session, I was up for a little bit of fun. Even though attending this fun wasn’t even required on my part! Kevin had been away due to a death in the family so I wanted to get back in and get some additional hours under my belt. The prize was mine after yet another event for the young, young crowd in Carmarthen. The event was a one man band named Bongo Clive. Going downstairs I was greeted by a librarian I’d gotten to know from prior children’s events. We took a seat by the other adults while the kids, mainly toddlers and younger, were scattered crawling or running around on the rug. Near to my surprise, countless musical instruments including African drums, bongos (no surprise), maracas, jingle bells, even a snare drum in the corner.

Soon Bongo Clive entered, a  tall jovial African American man with a booming voice, and armed with his guitar. After introducing himself he gave the kids free reign to come over and get a closer look at the instruments, even play them if they saw fit. After he broke into a fast paced version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” the kids did just that, the younger ones with some help of the adults standing near. Even the adults were given instruments to play and allowed to get up and dance if we found it necessary. I resigned to tapping my foot but got a kick from seeing older librarians get up to do the hokey pokey amongst other dances. I was also amazed to see even the littlest kids honing their musical skills. A baby busy crawling and shuffling on the rug like a tiny turtle in the sand, tried more than once to pick up and shake a small jingle bell, even putting it in his mouth once or twice. Since his mother had two other kids she was supervising along with him, I kept an eye on the little guy and even got a little crush on him. Overall it was a fun way to spend an hour or so.


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This is a blog detailing my internship and experience while studying abroad. First posted to Blackboard, now posted here.
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