Lightyears And Wonderwomans And Welsh Storytellers. Oh my!

Today  I was invited to an event  I’d heard of since my placement at the library but hadn’t had the privilege of experiencing yet. I attended a Welsh story hour. After I arrived I was put to work right away, putting up posters and organizing chairs in the children’s corner. I also put together a nice spread of a fruit plate, water and raisins for the kids and  parents to enjoy when the hour was up. I was introduced to the woman holding the story hour, older with bright orange hair, conversing with Kevin in a spirited mix of Welsh and English.

The kids also showed up in every type of costume under the sun. Buzz Lightyears, cowboys, princesses and Wonderwoman’s running around all over the library. Very entertaining scene.
I remembered in the States attending story hours when my brother was small, so I had an inkling of what I was getting myself into. However none of those sessions were ever bilingual. Though the story  told was in Welsh, it was a basic children’s tale and wasn’t incredibly difficult for me to translate. Even more interesting were the songs that came afterward. I heard tunes that were familiar with lyrics that weren’t. But I could still make them out and realize the meaning, which was pretty fortunate. After the session ended the kids made a beeline to the snacks while I was put in charge of camera duty. Candid shots were a must for the library’s website as were group shots I was assigned to take. Soon enough though Kevin tapped me on the shoulder suggesting I take off to beat the rush. Since the rush included strollers and screaming toddlers, I figured it was my best bet.


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This is a blog detailing my internship and experience while studying abroad. First posted to Blackboard, now posted here.
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