In the Cupboard Near The Stairs, Covering Books

So today it was back to the salt mines and another early morning session at CPL. Compared to the excitement of the last few sessions it was a tad dry but nothing too unbearable. My first stop was the front desk, where Kevin quickly found me and asked if I’d accompany him to his office in the book storage building next door. I followed and was greeted by two boxes of brand new books, all of which needed a small envelope glued to the inside cover to hold a stamped return date card. I recognized these from when I was small and made regular trips to the library. But back home they’d long been a thing of the past. This was not the case at CPL. And I should know because I glued on a good hundred after finishing each of the books in the box. Luckily Kevin told me I was allowed to use my iPod and wouldn’t be forced to sit in never ending silence.
Afterwards, I was treated to a brief tea break and then it was back to work. Now it was time to take the books I’d enveloped and cover them with plastic sleeves. Apparently this is done to every book entering the library to protect it. At home this is not a usual occurence, probably explaining why half the time when I’d check out books they’d be on the verge of falling apart. Anyways, I was taken to the second floor of the main library building and to a secret cupboard near the stair case. It felt like I was in Harry Potter’s room at the Dursley home which just made me grin from ear to ear. In this tiny closet/cabinet space which only had enough room for two comfortably, I was shown how to cover a book and then left to fend for myself. Eek! It took me long enough but after about ten minutes of trial and error (the covers could be very dificult to put on correctly, and finding the proper size, forget about it!) I got a stack of them covered and showed them to Kevin for approval. Luckily I got it, along with an additional stack to finish covering before I could call it a day. With my trusty iPod though I managed, and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.


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This is a blog detailing my internship and experience while studying abroad. First posted to Blackboard, now posted here.
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