Boom Boxes And Three Minute Dance Parties

Today at the library was a short session yet again, another activity open to the young public of Carmarthen. But in the mood to revisit my youth I attended as yet again, was glad I chose to.

Heading  to the basement I spotted a group of kids seated in uniform surrounded by teachers. Likely they were all attending thanks to a school field trip, but there were  younger kids in attendance as well. Sitting towards the back while the kids congregated on the rug, I noticed three young adults, a bit older than I was, assembling a silver ladder and other various props towards the front of the room. Curiously I waited for them to introduce themselves, and they did with a blaring boom box and a three minute dance party.

Right away I knew these weren’t your average storytellers. The woman and two men introduced themselves in loud jovial voices, informing us they were here to read and reenact some books. Five were selected and doled out to the kids so they could get a feel for the tales. And then after the reenactments began. The stories were in English but I’d never heard of any of them in my life, putting me in the same situation as most of the kids in the audience. The stories were interesting enough on their own, but being brought to life with a comedic improv team, proved very entertaining to watch. Though the performance was geared for a younger audience, they had me laughing quite a bit (despite it all I’m a kid at heart). The reenactments were  fluid and continuous,  jumping from one story to the other with ease. The only sign they were switching was loud blaring from the boom box. Once the performance was done, the teachers received multiple copies of the books to bring back to their classrooms for the kids to read. I was half tempted to ask if I could get a copy  but restrained myself. A short session but still an interesting one all the same.


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This is a blog detailing my internship and experience while studying abroad. First posted to Blackboard, now posted here.
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